Shandrah is an eccentric resident of Everwood. A slim human woman in her mid-50s with wispy silver hair that juts out at odd angles, Shandrah is known to take in stray animals and the stray orphan that wanders into town. She has a sizable collection of cats, some assume to be over 20 strong, that are often seen prowling about the main strip of Everwood.

Shandrah pulls her weight in town through her extensive knowledge and skills with salves, poultices, and other non-magical healing talents. She has a heart of gold, caring and kind, which is an odd contrast to her eccentricities and mannerisms that generally seem “off”.

A resident of Everwood for almost 30 years, she never speaks of the life she had before residing there. If the topic comes up, Shandrah will suddenly shift the conversation to the oh-so-adorable actions of one of her many cats.

Shandrah, Crazy Cat Lady
Female human expert 4
NG Medium humanoid (human)
Init +0;


Dreskillia Valravn